1. Registration

When filling in the registration form, the user undertakes to provide true, current and complete information for subsequent purchase and delivery, feedback from an employee of, etc.

2. Copyright entitles users to use all the services that are provided by the website for personal needs only and for non-commercial purposes, provided that this does not violate the copyright of Project Bikes or of third parties related directly or indirectly to materials on this website.
The materials on this website are protected by the Low on copyright and the related rights and any unauthorized use may be a violation of copyright, trademark rights or other laws.

3. Goods and services on the website

On the webpage of each product presented on the website are listed price, the main characteristics of the product and additional information to help making an informed choice when purchasing a product. Project Bikes is not responsible for inaccuracies in the description of goods not related to their main characteristics and does not claim that the information provided is exhaustive. reserves the right to publish names, models and other information about goods in English in the cases when:
There is a risk to lose valuable information about the characteristics of the goods during translation.
There is no unique generally accepted terminology in Bulgarian.

4. Prices

All prices listed on the website are in BGN including VAT and do not include shipping. If a product has several modifications, the price of each of the modifications is indicated on its webpage.
Project Bikes has the right at any time and without notice to make changes to the materials, services and prices, published on this website.
In case of discrepancy between the actual and the quoted price, the Customer will be promptly notified by phone and/or email.

5. Orders and delivery

Orders made ​​via are executed only after receipt of a properly completed registration form.
Requests sent to Project Bikes before 16:00 h are processed in the same day, orders submitted after 16:00 h or in a non-working day are processed on the next working day.
Every online order is confirmed over the phone and is executed based on an explicitly expressed confirmation for purchase of the specific goods under the determined conditions.
Some of the information published may refer to products that are not currently available. We try to keep up to date information on availability of products, but it is possible to have items, quantities of which have been spent but that has not yet been updated on the website. In case of request for a product, which is not in stock, an employee of will contact the user to specify the period within which the delivery can be made.
Users can always alert the team of for errors on prices, characteristics of products, etc., so that timely action be taken to correct them.
In case of technical errors in the content published on the website, Project bikes reserves the right to reject any order/s and no compensation is due in such cases except reimbursement of the sums paid by the consumer, if any. The user may decline the order, but if it happens after the order has been sent, the transport costs made shall be borne by the user.
Deliveries in Bulgaria are carried out by ECONT. Orders over 600 BGN are with free shipping to the customer’s address. Orders over 100 BGN are with free delivery to a close ECONT office. Delivery of orders under 100 BGN is made at the customer’s expense.
Any additional questions related to the future supply will be specified at the time of confirmation of the order.
Orders up to 400 BGN can be paid by cash on delivery. All other orders can be paid via bank transfer based on an invoice issued and sent by Project Bikes or in cash in the showroom of the company.

6. Disclaimer of order and return of goods

Customer can withdraw from his order within 15 days after delivery and for this purpose he has to return the product, with good presentation and original packaging kept, for his own account to Project Bikes Ltd.
Disclaimer of order is done via e-mail sent to, in which client name, order number, reason for disclaimer, desired way of reimbursement have to be specified.
In case of disclaimer of order and return the goods, the customer should use the original packaging of the products and should add additional packaging when needed in order to protect the goods during transportation. The risk of damage of the goods during transportation shall be borne by the customer. In case of damage of the returned goods during transportation, replacement or refund shall not be made.
In case of partial or total disclaimer of order, which has already been paid, the reimbursement of the total amount or the overpayment can be done as follows:
By selecting substitute goods;
Payment via bank transfer – all related bank fees and commissions are for the customer’s expense;
In cash in the show room of Project Bikes in Sofia, 26, Antim I Str. – upon preliminary request;

7. Warranty and service

For each sale of products subject to warranty, issue proper warranty card with details of the product and warranty terms. The cash receipt is also a guarantee document.
The duration of warranty service is specified for each product published on

The warranty shall be considered invalid in the following cases:
lost warranty card
attempt for repairs outside Project Bikes’service
damages caused by improper use
violation of the physical integrity of the device
chemical, electrical or other effects, not related to the normal operation of the product

The warranty does not cover:
Repairs resulting from normal wear of bicycle components (tires, batteries, brakes, brake pads, chain and gears, bearings and movements, seals and bushings, etc.)
Regular maintenance (lubrication, cleaning, settings)
Defects, malfunctions or damages arising from bicycle racing, jumping ramps, extreme riding, acrobatic performances and other hazardous operating conditions. In these cases, the user only bear all risks of injury, damage and other losses that may arise from such use

Warranty service is performed by Project Bikes in the presence of complete documentation and accessories of the article.
Warranty terms apply in case of manufacturing defect and at proper operation of the purchased product.
The service of Project Bikes shall, within seven days of delivery of problematic product and related documentation to inform the client whether the described problem is subject to warranty and if so it should be replaced or repaired within 30 days.