Developing your idea for a unique bike to concept and design, together we will build a vision for your bike – vintage, retro, trekking, city, modern or ultra-new trend by binding each component into a complete project for your bike. Each element, shape, material and color will be in harmony with your rhythm and style. CONTACT US


Inspired by your dream, we will create together with you a new creation, so far existing only in your imagination – your dream bike project. Look at it as an idea inspired by yourself and created exclusively for you! Spread your imagination!


Driven by the pursuit of perfection and beauty, regardless of brand, model or year of production, we will do a full and authentic restoration of your bike. We at “Project Bikes” have new and recycled vintage components and accessories so as to perform restoration of your bike in the best possible way for you. CONTACT US


Fascinated by the rush of your desires and adding a piece of ourselves, we – the team of Project Bikes will breathe new life into your bike: will dress it in a new color, will replace components and accessories with better, will give it a new look and will emphasize your style. We’ll reborn it for you! CONTACT US


The longer you ride your bike, the more you become attached to it, improve it and care for it. We at “Project Bikes” have qualified mechanics, high quality specialized tools, new and recycled vintage spear parts and accessories and we can take care of your bike so that you two still have a long time together. CONTACT US