We, the team of “Project Bikes” are keen bikemaniacs, enthusiasts and professionals who turn their passion into a favorite job. What we aim is to create stylish bicycles with a distinct individuality that bring delight and pleasure to their owners. Each project is developed by individual design and it is consistent with your budget. We combine aesthetic and vision with the quality and comfort!

About us

Our motto “Create your unique bike and impress with style” represents the desire of our customers to create and personalize their bike so that it is unique, impress and be in harmony with their rhythm. 

Our projects are aesthetically and technically consistent, combined with experience and careful craftsmanship, constantly tested and improved to provide the best guarantee of quality and safety. We create bikes that we ourselves would ride with a feeling of comfort, pleasure and style.

About us

We created “Project Bikes” in order to share our passion for cycling and we do our best to build an idea of the delight and freedom  that it brings in everyday life. If you want to share your ideas, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or drop in to have a cup of coffee or tea with supporters in our showroom in 26, Antim I Str, Sofia.